List of Accepted Papers for OWLED-2006

Long Papers

Carsten Lutz. Reasoning Support for Ontology Design
Sean Bechhofer, Thorsten Liebig, Marko Luther, Olaf Noppens, Peter Patel-Schneider, Boontawee Suntisrivaraporn, Anni-Yasmin Turhan and Timo Weithöner. DIG 2.0 -- Towards a Flexible Interface for Description Logic Reasoners
Guohua Shen, Zhiqiu Huang, Xiaodong Zhu and Xiaofei Zhao. Research on the Rules of Mapping from Relational Model to OWL
Ammar Mechouche, Christine Golbreich and Bernard Gibaud. Towards an hybrid system for brain MRI images description
Alan Ruttenberg, Jonathan Rees and Jeremy Zucker. What BioPAX communicates and how to extend OWL to help it
Matthew Horridge, Nick Drummond, John Goodwin, Alan Rector, Robert Stevens and Hai Wang. The Manchester OWL Syntax
Raul Garcia-Castro, Asuncion Gomez-Perez and Stefano David. Defining a Benchmark Suite for Evaluating the Import of OWL Lite Ontologies
Bernardo Cuenca Grau, Ian Horrocks, Bijan Parsia, Peter Patel-Schneider and Ulrike Sattler. Next Steps for OWL
Nick Drummond, Alan Rector, Robert Stevens, Georgina Moulton, Matthew Horridge, Hai H. Wang and Julian Seidenberg. Putting OWL in Order: Patterns for Sequences in OWL
Boris Motik and Ian Horrocks. Problems with OWL Syntax
Deborah McGuinness and Peter Fox. Semantically-Enabled Virtual Observatories
Matthew Horridge and Dmitry Tsarkov. Supporting Early Adoption of OWL 1.1 with Protege-OWL and FaCT++
Markus Krötzsch, Sebastian Rudolph and Pascal Hitzler. On the Complexity of Horn Description Logics
Christian Halaschek-Wiener and Yarden Katz. Belief Base Revision For Expressive Description Logics
Vladimir Kolovski, Bijan Parsia and Yarden Katz. Implementing OWL Defaults
Diego Calvanese, Giuseppe DeGiacomo, Domenico Lembo, Maurizio Lenzerini, Antonella Poggi and Riccardo Rosati. Linking Data to Ontologies: The Description Logic DL-Lita_A
Corinna Elsenbroich, Oliver Kutz and Ulrike Sattler. A Case for Abductive Reasoning over Ontologies
Yolanda Gil, Jihie Kim, Varun Ratnakar and Ewa Deelman. Wings for Pegasus: A Semantic Approach to CreatingVery Large Scientific Workflows
Martin Dzbor, Enrico Motta, Carlos Buil, Jose Manuel Gomez, Olaf Goerlitz and Holger Lewen. Developing ontologies in OWL: An observational study
Vinay Chaudhri, Bill Jarrold and John Pacheco. Exporting Knowledge Bases into OWL

Position Papers

Catherine Dolbear, Glen Hart and John Goodwin. What OWL has done for geography and why we don’t need it to map read
Robert Stevens, Phillip Lord and Andrew Gibson. Something nasty in the woodshed: the public knowledge model
Aaron Kershenbaum, Achille Fokoue, Chintan Patel, Christopher Welty, Edith Schonberg, James Cimino, Li Ma, Kavitha Srinivas, Robert Schloss and J William Murdock. A View of OWL from the Field: Use-cases and Experiences
Adrian Paschke A Typed Hybrid Description Logic Programming Language with Polymorphic Order-Sorted DL-Typed Unification for Semantic Web Type Systems..
Jie Bao and Vasant Honavar. Adapt OWL as a Modular Ontology Language
Qing Lu and Volker Haarslev. OntoKBEval: DL-based Evaluation of OWL Ontologies
Rinke Hoekstra, Jochem Liem, Bert Bredeweg and Joost Breuker. Requirements for Representing Situations
Amineh Fadhil and Volker Haarslev. GLOO: A Graphical Query Language for OWL Ontologies
Anita C. Liang, Boris Lauser and Margherita sini. From AGROVOC to the Agricultural Ontology Service / Concept Server - An OWL model for creating ontologies in the agricultural domain